When I think of a velvet dress my mind immediately goes to the Holidays. Specifically, I have a flashback to my red and black velvet dress that I wore a few Christmas’s in a row until it didn’t fit any longer. I also remember having a pair of velvet pants. I will say that they did keep me very warm in the winter. Naturally I grew out of that phase and actually despised anything made of velvet. Although velvet is supposedly soft, I also had a bad connotation with the material. For me I would compare the material to nails on a chalk board or someone filing their nails. I can’t stand the noise of all three motions. Anyway, despite this natural diversion to velvet I have recently came to like velvet, in particular velvet dresses.

It’s worn elegantly by celebrities. These dresses are absolutely stunning. The velvet adds texture to the black dress and looks different under every light. I also love the cut of this dress. It covers the whole body, except for one shoulder and arm. Its so flattering as well.

As much as I like this dress I don’t really have a ball to attend in the near future. Another velvet trend I’ve been into is the combination of velvet and cotton or some other fabric. I like when the velvet is sowed right next to other materials because of the contrast and texture it bring to the dress. Here’s my dream velvet dress made by Valentino:

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 4.01.43 PM

This beautifully crafted Valentino dress is so flattering. The velvet top part of the dress contrasts with the polyester/wool skirt of the dress. Even in this viewpoint you can see how that velvet piece contrasts with the other material of the dress. Besides the material, I like that this isn’t a strapless dress. The cape-like top adds something unique to the dress, and I like that it covers your shoulders a bit.

This Valentino dress is so versatile that I would definitely get my $800 bucks out of it. I also love a classic burgundy velvet dress that’s perfect for the Holiday’s. Take a look at this Vince Camuto dress I found on Macy’s.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 4.22.28 PM

Again, I can’t stress enough how the light and velvet play so well together. This is a beautiful burgundy red that is great for the fall, but it is also a great color to wear to your Holiday Party.

As far as my indifference to the feeling of velvet I may have grown a little liking to it. I think this aversion to velvet may have been due to an over abundance of velvet as a child. So, recently I’ve been trying to find the perfect velvet dress for the Holidays. I’m looking for something more like the Valentino dress (the mix of velvet and other material). I found some great picks here:http://www.result.ly/Search/velvet%20dress I have already ordered a few, I’m just waiting to see which one fits the best on them to come in the mail so I can make a choice!