I was taking the train home from work a few weeks ago when I heard a program about Diane von Furstenberg (DVF) on the radio. Diane was being interviewed on NPR about how she launched her career. Her career really launched when she released her most famous design: the wrap dress. Diane was explaining how when she released her wrap dress in the 50’s it was a symbol for a revolutionary change for women at the time.  Although her dress doesn’t seem very provocative today, at that time it was considered edgy. Kate Middleton was seen wearing DVF famous wrap dress. Many designers are trying to take Diane’s famous dress and replicate it as a dress or even making the wrap skirt. Take a look at how Kate beautifully pulls off this dress:


This wrap dress is designed so intricately yet simple. Her dress has been around for over 50 years now, and is still in style. This just goes to show that there are certain designs that will never go out of style. The dress is perfect for Kate because it matches her classic look. The dress is simple but still shows off her figure and the pattern makes it more interesting. DVF has made so many styles of this dress, but it typically holds the same pattern, just like the one that Kate is wearing above.

Even Diane has expanded her classic wrap dress to a skirt. I found a wrap skirt that had a similar pattern to the one seen above, only its black. I found the skirt on Nieman Marcus’s affiliate store, Cusp.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 11.43.39 AM

The bold print on this flared wrap skirt  brings your eyes to the outfit. Look at how simple this outfit is. The skirt was paired with a long sleeve tied top. Both pieces are very conservative (for today’s culture), yet they come off so elegantly and womanly. The flared skirt really brings out your figure, and with the skirt just above the knee is a perfect length.

I found another great DVF dress on Shopbop: http://www.shopbop.com/irina-wrap-dress-diane-von/vp/v=1/1586789097.htm

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 11.47.46 AM

For the fall Diane is bringing out the darker colors, such as the blacks and grays. I love this new wrap dress because its a little shorter than her classic wrap dresses. Mostly, the dress is shorter, but still not too short. I really love DVF wrap dresses because they bring out your figure at the top and flare out from the waist down. To add to the entire look these dresses are extremely comfortable! As much as I’m very much a skinny jean girl, I like wearing dresses. You just pick out one item, slip it on, and pair it with the right shoes. Its so easy.

As much as I like the wrap dresses, the wrap skirts are more versatile. You can pair the wrap skirts with any top. Maybe you’ll want to take the skirt to a family occasion and pair it with a long sleeve top, or if you want to take the skirt on a night out with friends you can pair it with a crop top. I found some great wrap skirts here: http://www.result.ly/Search/wrap%20skirtOne tip for wearing the wrap skirt is to always pair it with a tighter top. It doesn’t have to be super tight, but just form fitting. This is because with the flared wrap skirt a loose top would not go together well.